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Mutual-Aid and COVID-19

Las respuestas de La Morada abren otras posibilidades: frente a las ruinas que expone la pandemia a diario construyen formas tangibles de ayuda mutua, de acogida, de apoyo comunitario, de justicia.

"Covidiario", Nexos, julio 2020.               


Sanctuary Campus: Resistance and Protection within and beyond the University

Avery Review, January 2017.


The New School as a Sanctuary Campus

Public Seminar, April 28, 2017.


Sanctuary in Countries of Origin: A Historical and Transnational Perspective

While current interpretations of sanctuary are most often associated with practices to protect, support and accompany migrants with precarious status in countries of destination in the Global North, debates around the concept and practice of sanctuary in countries of origin reveal different historical and contemporary understandings of sanctuary. A perspective from countries of origin or transit raises new questions about who sanctuary is intended for and what it entails. This paper explores these questions in the Mexican context, specifically examining: 1) the Mexico City government’s declaration as a sanctuary city in 2017; 2) the work of migrant shelters along migration routes in Mexico; 3) the work of Otros Dreams en Acción to accompany deported and returned migrants.

“Sanctuary in Countries of Origin: A Transnational Perspective”, Migration and Society, 4 (2021): 84-98.


“Wave of Sorrow, Take Me There:” “The Infiltrators” Documentary Screening

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